About San José

San José is the capital of Costa Rica. A city of 288,054 in a metropolitan area of ​​more than two million, sits surrounded by mountains in a valley at 1,300 meters above sea level. Due to its height, it has a temperate climate throughout the year. The rainy season in San José begins in May and lasts until November. Occasional rains occur during the other months but are generally dry.

The city is a bit chaotic, but it also has its charms. In the section of monuments, there are parks (La Sabana, Parque de la Paz), squares (Plaza de la Cultura, Plaza de la Democracia), museums (National Museum, Museo de Arte Costarricense, Museo de Oro, Museo de Jade, New football stadium and a very nice Teatro Nacional. There are numerous downtown theaters that regularly show plays. Movie theaters are mostly located in shopping centers, but there are a couple of them downtown that cater to a more eclectic audience (Sala Garbo and, closer to the venue, Cine Magaly).



Shopping is usually done in the center or in the shopping centers that surround the city (Mall San Pedro is the closest to the place, but also the smallest, Multiplaza del Este, Plaza Lincoln, Multiplaza Escazú, Terramall, Metrocentro).

There are many dining options, the San Pedro / Curridabat / Barrio Escalante area near the UCR has many offerings ranging from traditional Costa Rican to a mix of foreign countries and includes a wide range of prices. The Rohrmoser and Escazú / Santa Ana areas also offer great variety and quality. Also, some very good restaurants call the city center home.

The area around UCR is generally safe. The same goes for the tourist areas of the center (around museums, the central boulevard, etc.). But there you will find riskier areas that are only a few blocks away. Please ask before you walk.

You must be careful and aware of your surroundings, even in areas considered safe.