Juan Gabriel Calvo, Ph.D.

Full Professor and Researcher
Mathematics Department, Centro de Investigación en Matemática Pura y Aplicada (CIMPA),
Universidad de Costa Rica

Office Phone: (506) 2511 3417
E-mail: juan.calvo@ucr.ac.cr
Office Location: Cubículo #10, Edificio de Matemática, Ciudad de la Investigación.
links: Google Scholar, ResearchGateCV

DegreeMajor EmphasisInstitutionYear
Ph.D.MathematicsCourant Institute, New York University, USA2015
B.S.MathematicsUniversidad de Costa Rica (San José, Costa Rica)2010
B.S.Mathematics EducationUniversidad Estatal a Distancia (San José, Costa Rica)2004


  • I am interested in fields related to numerical analysis and scientific computing. My current research project involves different algorithms for solving PDEs posed in H(curl) and H(grad) for general domains, particularly using Domain Decomposition algorithms, Finite Element Methods and Virtual Element Methods.


  • 2018 – UCREA Grant for the research project: “Mathematical Models for the Development of Prevention/Control Strategies of Aedes aegypti in Costa Rica”, Collaborator.

  • 2010-2015 – MacCraken Fellowship, University of New York.

  • 2006-2009 – Stimulus Scholarship, University of Costa Rica.

  • 2002-2005 – Honor Fellowship, University of Costa Rica.


L. Barboza, P. Vásquez, G. Mery, F. Sanchez, Y.E. García, J.G. Calvo, T. Rivas, M.D. Pérez, D. Salas (2021). The Role of Mobility and Sanitary Measures on the Delay of Community Transmission of COVID-19 in Costa Rica. Epidemiologia 2(3), 294-304.

J.G. Calvo, A. Hernández, M.A. Porter, F. Sanchez (2020). A Two-Patch Epidemic Model with Nonlinear Reinfection. Revista de Matemática: Teoría y Aplicaciones, 27(1), 23-48.

F. Sanchez and J.G. Calvo (2020). Dengue model with early-life stage of vectors and age-structure within host. Revista de Matemática: Teoría y Aplicaciones, 27(1), 157-177.

F. Sanchez, J.G. Calvo, E. Segura, Z. Feng (2019).A partial differential equation model with age-structure and nonlinear recidivism: Conditions for a backward bifurcation and a general numerical implementation. Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 78(12), 3916-3930.

J.G. Calvo (2018). Virtual coarse spaces for irregular subdomain decompositions. In: Haynes R. et al. (eds) Domain Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering XXV. DD 2018. Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering 138, Springer, Cham.